Brandon and Callie Kuehler

Brandon Kuehler, Owner and Founder of Light It Right, has over 15 years of industry experience illuminating homes and businesses in the Greater Houston Area.

IMG_0850Brandon first caught the lighting bug while working for an outdoor lighting company while attending Texas Tech University. He even had the chance to work on lighting his own college campus. Once Brandon graduated high school in 2000, he went on to work with a company in Houston knowing his ultimate goal was to eventually start his own exterior lighting business. In 2004, Brandon returned to his hometown of Katy to take the plunge and founded Light It Right. Brandon and his team of experts have been serving Katy and the greater Houston area for the last 10 years, where the company has grown from its inception in Brandon’s parents’ house to a 3,000 Sq. Foot Warehouse space in Katy and two wrapped Service Vans.

Brandon has earned the trust and respect of many local residents, HOAs, and business owners, growing his company into a household name. Each year Brandon is in the top five for the ClaroLux Lighting and Design award, and in 2008 and 2014, Brandon and Light It Right won the prestigious award. In 2011, Brandon earned his Certified Low Voltage Technicians Certificate from the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals; he is one of 5 in the state of Texas. In 2014, Brandon started to earn his Certified Outdoor Lighting Design Certificate through the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals. In 2015, Brandon and Light It Right took home three Best of Awards at the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals Annual Conference. Brandon took home Best Commercial, Best Large Residential, and Best In Show. Since 2015, Brandon has continued to take home design awards from AOLP and other industry leaders, as well as being named a Top 40 Under 40 Lighting Designer. Brandon only designs what is best for a homeowners home, he never oversells someone just to make a buck, he works with our customers to achieve their goals.

Callie Kuehler, Owner and Vice President, manages the Katy office, coordinating everything from new installations to the day to day needs and marketing. If you call the office, she is the one you will speak with. Callie previously worked with Brandon on a separate business venture and joined Light It Right in 2013 from TransCanada where she worked as an Associate for the Central Marketing Team.

Callie graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University in 2009, with a BS in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management. After being part of the opening team at The Overton Hotel and Conference Center in Lubbock, she moved back to Houston in 2010 to work at the Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Houston. Her past work experience includes an internship at the Stafford Hotel in London. Callie is active in the Rotary Club of Katy and is a Committeemen for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Like Brandon, Callie is originally from the Katy area. She brings her local intel and hospitality experience to the process, helping support the company’s mission of turning client’s dreams of adding value to their properties a reality.

Together, Brandon and Callie run a family Owned and Operated business and carry that mentality through to their customers – they may have large business systems in place, but the thought process and treatment their customers receive is all small business and local – after all Light It Right is right down the street.

Light It Right Installation and Service Team

Abraham Gudino

Abraham is our Senior Installer and has been with Light It Right since before Light It Right was incorporated, way back in 2004! Abraham’s experience and knowledge make any installation, no matter how tough, seem like a cakewalk – he does not stop till he gets is right!

Adrian Vargas

20181018_082219If you have been a customer of Light It Right for the past 5 years than you are sure to have met or at least spoken to Adrian. Adrian has been running the service department for Light It Right since 2013, and a valued member of the Light It Right family.

Adrian is a Houston native, which is hard to come by these days. Adrian graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Commercial Art and started his own Graphic Design business. While working on his business, Adrian realized he really just wanted to make people happy and setting a price for his work was not as easy as one would hope, so he decided to end that venture. Adrian still does design work and has quite an eye for design, which comes in handy for his current position - no one can do tape lighting or steps like he can!

As many of you know Adrian is very friendly and outgoing, most all of our customers love him and have great things to say when he is out on the job. When asked what his favorite part of the job was, Adrian said the customers. He loves to see their reaction and the WOW when a customer sees the lighting complete and the transformation that just happened. He also enjoys that fact that the job is different everyday, very rarely is the next day the same as the one before, it's always a challenge and Adrian is up for it. When Adrian is not at work he is at home cooking up a storm. He loves to cook what he hunts over the weekend and create culinary masterpieces. He can also be found working on his car, adding something new to it all the time. One of Adrian's goals is to take over Brandon's job, so keep an eye out and see if you see Adrian overseeing sales one day.

Adrian has been an invaluable member of our family for the last 5 years and we look forward to seeing him grow as Light It Right grows for at least another 5 years. Thank you Adrian for all the work and service you have put in at Light It Right and for our customers.

Damion Smith

20190329_073741Damion joined Light It Right in 2018 and has been an enormous asset to the team. He is always upbeat and keeps the team laughing. 

Damion was born and raised in Winnsboro, LA, while living on and off in Texas. In 2010 he made the move to Texas official with his wife and 3 kids.  When Damion arrived in Houston he worked at a Print shop, but ultimately he knew this was not his path, so he attended HCC and got numerous certifications within the electrical trade.

Damion attended school for his electrical license, however once he joined the Light It Right team and working with low voltage lighting the lighting bug bit him and the high voltage world was left behind. Damion says he has fallen in love with the process as well as the before and after optics that lighting brings.  This past January, Damion earned his Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician certification from AOLP, joining Brandon as a CLVLT at Light It Right.

"Landscape lighting makes a huge difference with the appearance and safety of homes and businesses. I continue to be amazed after every job." 
Damion has truly brought a new eye to Light It Right and has taken over many of the duties Brandon handled on the job.
Damion continues to grow in his position and great things await him at Light it Right



Travis Casey

20190904_Travis joined Light It Right in 2019 as a member of the Installation Team.

Travis is one of the rare born and raised Houstonian, graduating from Cinco Ranch High School in Katy. Following graduation, Travis went on to serve 5 years in the United States Army.  Before joining Light It Right, Travis worked all of the US and Overseas inspecting pipelines. The skills he learned on the job have greatly helped him with his new position, as well as helped us with some new techniques.

Travis says his favorite part of the job is "Turning something ordinary into something magical". 

When Travis is not working or studying to be one of our newest CLTLVT's he is spending time with his 2 kids, hitting the gym, or supporting the hometown teams.