Maintenance Programs

At Light It Right we offer our customers three options for Basic System Maintenance*: Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual (newly added).

These services would consist of:

  • Clear Lights of Debris
  • Remove Ants that may have developed
  • Weed Eat Around Fixtures if Needed
  • Ensure Proper Height for Plant Growth
  • Ensure Timer is Set Correctly

This service will keep your system looking new and help extend the life of your LEDs.

Monthly Option: $90/month

Quarterly Option: $125/quarter 

Semi - Annual Option: $195 twice a year

Pricing is for Systems up to 100 lights, for systems over 100 lights please call for custom pricing.

 If you have any questions please contact the office at 281.492.6630 or



*These maintenance plans are for basic system upkeep only – cut wire, timers that have gone out, bulbs that have gone out, damaged fixtures, or any other service above basic clean out will incur extra charges for any additional materials or labor used. Credit Card will be Charged for the Maintenance Charge the Day Service is Provided, any charges above that will be reflected as an open balance on the invoice. You may cancel at anytime by providing 30 days written notice to Light It Right.

Maintenance Registration