Maintenance Programs

In order to keep your lighting systems operating properly for many years to come, we offer a periodic maintenance program. With this program, our experienced maintenance technician(s) will come to your location either Monthly,  Semi-Annually, or Quarterly.  We examine all lights and equipment to ensure everything is running properly and in good working condition. All LED lamps carry a 5 year warranty. You will not be charged for replacement LED lamps under warranty. This does not apply to systems that have been affected by weather related incidents such as lightning strikes or flooding, damage by landscapers, irrigation companies, pets, etc. We do charge for LED lamps on existing systems not installed previously by Light It Right™ .

Our Maintenance Technicians will: 

• Check all lamps and replace if needed

• Clean glass lenses of debris and hard water

• Trim plantings around the lamps so they are not covering any lights

• Fix any wires that may be cut and/or bury any exposed lines

• Adjust transformer on/off times if needed and inspect for any other issues

• Adjust/Re-angle fixtures that may have shifted to ensure the best lighting angle

• Replace any broken or damaged fixtures.  If the damage is a manufacturers defect, we will submit the fixture to the manufacturer for replacement under the terms of its’ warranty. Otherwise, there may be an additional fee. This will be discussed directly with the homeowner prior any replacement

This service will keep your system looking new and help extend the life of your LEDs.

Monthly Option: $90/month

Quarterly Option: $125/quarter 

Semi - Annual Option: $195 twice a year

Pricing is for Systems up to 100 lights, for systems over 100 lights please call for custom pricing.


 If you have any questions please contact the office at 281.492.6630 or



*These maintenance plans are for basic system upkeep only – cut wire, timers that have gone out, bulbs that have gone out, damaged fixtures, or any other service above the included services listed above will incur extra charges. Credit Card will be Charged for the Maintenance Charge before the service is performed, any charges above that will be reflected as an open balance on the invoice. You may cancel at anytime by providing 30 days written notice to Light It Right.

Maintenance Registration