The Light It Right Installation Process

Before we begin any installation, Light It Right will order a Dig Tess of you property one week prior to make sure we locate any buried cables. This will mark Gas and Electric cables (Phone, Cable, and Internet are optional and up to the provider if they are marked). Unfortunately, there is no way to mark where sprinkler lines or any aftermarket items (Gate Openers, Security Camera, or Water Softer etc.) are located. If you are aware of their locations or have a map please provide that to us before work begins.

On the day of the installation, Light It Right will arrive and ensure all the fixtures are still in place where they are to be installed. Once we are sure that everything is in place correctly we will begin trenching where all of the power lines will run and place the home run boxes in strategic areas in the yard. For lighting fixtures in flowerbeds all the power lines will be place in conduit to protect it from landscapers working in the beds. For the lines in the grass we trench a minimum of 6-8 inches to ensure these wires are well below the surface and protected from yard aeration. Our method of trenching is the least invasive method and we will leave your yard looking like it did before we arrived.

Once everything is hooked up and installed, our technicians will go back over all of the lines and make sure the grass is placed back in the same place it was removed from, leaving very little visible marks, if any at all.

Before we leave, Light It Right will ensure all fixtures are clear of debris, aimed correctly, and power is running from the transformer as it should be, not too high, not too low. We will also set the timer to your desired on/off setting and make sure the yard and beds look like we were never there.

This is the Light It Right Standard of Installation.