Difference in LED Color Temperatures and Uses


LEDs come in a variety of color temperatures which gives us as installers more flexibility over old halogen bulbs when it comes to designing your lighting system.

The most common LED color you see and we use is 2700K (L) – gives that same glow of the old halogen bulbs. We use this color temperature on houses, stonework, fountains, fire pits, etc.

For greenery we like to use 3000K (M) – it is a little brighter than 2700K. The 3000K tends to bring the color of the greenery out and really highlight its natural beauty.

The LED on the Right is the 5700K or the “Blue” LED. When people think of LED this is the color they picture with LED bulbs since when LEDs first came out this was the color they were, and the only color available. If we use a 5700K it is on Modern style homes, Putting Greens, Basketball goals or other task related areas.

LEDs have come a long way since they came to market and has made it possible for us to customize our customers systems more to their personal tastes than ever before.

Owner Brandon Completes COLD

At this year’s Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals annual conference Brandon received his Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer Certification – Brandon was 1 of 5 that complete the program this year. This certification was a 4 year program where Brandon had to complete multiple projects for each year and ended with a large final project which consisted of mapping out from start to finish one of our installations. Brandon selected our largest project to date for his final project…all 500 lights were labeled by brand, style, bulb, beam spread, temperature used and all the wiring and runs drawn out.

The goal of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals is to bring awareness to what we as lighting professionals do. We are low voltage lightning EXPERTS – we do nothing else, we don’t mow your lawn, clean your pool and do lighting on the side – lighting is our passion and our 100% focus, not an after thought. Members of AOLP are the best of the best in the industry and are working to set quality standards to be followed by all so customers, like you, receive the best quality out there and not get taken by a fly by night contractors with the lowest price and the lowest quality – its the age old adage, you get what you pay for, and this is giving people like Light It Right a bad reputation. When one guy is out there doing poor work it reflects on the industry, which is why people like Brandon and others in AOLP are working to stop this practice and educate the public about what proper lighting is and how it should be installed. If you are getting quotes start asking are you a member of AOLP? Are you certified either CLVLT or COLD? It is easy to verify if there are or not, just click here.

All of us at Light It Right Congratulate Brandon on this achievement! With the skills he developed on this final project Light It Right is looking at a new service to provide our customers. More will come once we work the details out.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your continued support

Living Magazine Feature

              Light It Right has been featured in Living Magazine’s Katy/Fulshear Edition. This months edition is the                                               Special Home & Garden Issue so check it out today to learn about us. how we became who we                                                      are, and what we can do for you. Before you know it Spring will be here which means time to                                spruce up the outside!

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Increase Your Curb Appeal

Looking for that next home improvement project? Outdoor lighting is one way to upgrade your home without the mess and increase the curb appeal of your home. Call us to see what Light It Right can do for your home!

Light It Right Joins Nextdoor

Light It Right was invited to join Nextdoor. For those who do not know what Nextdoor is it is a network for all neighbors in certain neighborhoods or areas to share with each other. It is also the network that Law enforcement uses to reach residents in the area instead of Facebook. If you are not a member check and see if you area has a page. If you already are please share a review or our page with your neighbors!



Thank you!!

Light It Right

Attraction Lights

Light It Right now offers Attraction Lights Path Lights. If you are looking for a way to accent your pathway, but want something more artistic, designer, or just had more height to your lighting design than a basic Copper or Brass Area Light, Attraction Lights would do the trick. These are hand made and can really make an area stand out with different designs that create shadows on the ground to match the light. There are many options to select from so visit the Attraction Lights site to see more.

If you would like to add Attraction Lights to your outdoor lighting system contact us and we will get working on it.

Light It Right Wins 2015 ClaroLux Lighting Design

For the second year in a row Light It Right has won the award for Best Architectural Lighting Design from ClaroLux Lighting. This years project winner was our Carlton Woods project from January 2015 – Thank you for allowing us to work on your home and for such a great project.

Visit ClaroLux to see the project and other great project winners.

Light It Right Has Moved

We are happy to announce that we have moved! Light It Right offices are all settled in in Katy, TX and we are happy to be back up and running for our customers.

Please note our new address for your Bill Pay Services:

11511 Gaston Rd.


Katy, TX 77494